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Travelling abroad? Moving to another country?

DFA Travel Advice helps you to make informed decisions when you’re planning a trip overseas.


TravelWise is an award-winning smartphone app designed to help Irish citizens to stay safe and informed while travelling, living or working overseas.








‘Good to Know Before You Go’

The idea of landing in trouble in another country rarely crosses our minds – but did you know that in some countries, drinking alcohol in public is an offence that can result in a court date? Or that holding hands in public can lead to police caution or arrest?

No matter where you are going, being aware of the local laws and customs will help you to stay out of trouble. However, if the worst should happen, the ICPO is committed to providing help and support to Irish prisoners overseas and their families.

ICPO – it’s good to know before you go.

Travelling to Australia
Travelling to Canada
Travelling to the USA
Travelling to the UAE

Read an article by ICPO caseworker Brian Hanley highlighting the importance of familiarising yourself with local laws and customs when travelling overseas:

The ICPO ‘Good to Know Before You Go’ campaign is generously funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under its Emigrant Support Programme.