ICPO – Supporting Irish prisoners overseas and their families

If you or a loved one have been arrested, charged or imprisoned overseas please contact us on +353 1 5053156 for information, advice or just to talk to someone in confidence.

We care about the welfare of all Irish prisoners overseas, regardless of the nature of the offence or the length of the sentence imposed. We can provide a range of services to you and your loved one, including:

  • Information and support on issues such as repatriation, deportation, health and legal matters, discrimination and ill-treatment;
  • Representing your interests to relevant parties (Government departments, welfare agencies, probation and legal officers);
  • Monitoring repatriation applications with the Department of Justice and Equality;
  • Providing assistance in preparation of release from prison overseas;
  • Visiting clients in prison overseas and assisting families with travel and accommodation for prison visits;
  • Support at the ICPO Family Information Day, held twice a year in Dublin.