Family Events

We hold Family Information Days twice a year to provide families with useful information and support and to give them the opportunity to meet other people who have a relative in prison overseas.

People who have attended past Family Information Days have said they found the day to be a positive and valuable experience:

“I enjoyed the day and got so much out of it. It was well organised and very supportive for us parents. I wish it had been longer! As you can imagine it is a very harsh reality having a family member in prison. The kind of gentle support that ICPO offers is special, as demonstrated by the speakers from London who have been so committed to this difficult work for a long time. I would love to attend another parent’s day, it brought an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity and I am so grateful to ICPO for this support.”

“I had a lovely day. I found it to be supportive and helpful to hear everyone’s comments.”

“Many thanks for all your help and assistance; you have been great help to me during this difficult time. The welcome and support for me on the family day was overpowering, I don’t feel alone anymore here in Ireland.”

Please contact us on 01-5053156 for information on our next Family Information Day.