Factsheets for Prisoners

These factsheets are designed to give useful advice and information to Irish people detained overseas.

ICPO Information Leaflet

Transfer of Sentence – factsheet
Repatriation is an important issue for many prisoners who wish to return to Ireland to serve their sentence close to their family. This factsheet provides information on eligibility and the application process.

Transfer of Sentence – update September 2018
At the moment repatriation applications are not being accepted from the UK but applications from prisoners in other eligible countries are being accepted. This update provides an overview of the current situation. 

Preparing for Release leaflet
It is very important for Irish prisoners to prepare for their release and possible return to Ireland. This leaflet, produced in conjunction with Crosscare Migrant Project, provides a step-by-step guide to preparing for release. 

Resettlement Handbook
This booklet provides detailed practical information on preparing for release as well as where to get support when you return to Ireland.

Irish Prisoners in the UK – Deportation
Irish prisoners in the UK are currently not eligible for deportation.

Irish Prisoners in the UK – Early Removal Scheme
As a result of being ineligible for deportation, Irish prisoners are currently not eligible under the UK Early Removal Scheme.

Irish Prisoners in the UK – Resettlement outside England and Wales while on Licence
Many ICPO clients wish to return to Ireland while serving a licence in the UK. This factsheet describes the process for resettlement outside England and Wales while on licence.